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 55th Annual Mt.Sac Invitational October 26, 2002
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Mt Sac Web Site for 2002 
Orange Boys (B Team)   Race #42   8:13 A.M.   
Orange Girls     Race #45   8:35 A.M.   
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Individual Results Below Pictures

And the WINNER IS...... (47 Years Ago)
8th annual Mt. San Antonio Invitational Cross Country Meet - 1273 entries

 Marshall Sparks, John Reyes, Dick Cherri, Harold Hansen, Dale Story, Bert Pinkston, Norman Shattuck

The comment below from DyeStatCal.com

Interestingly, Dale Story won the only State Cross-Country Meet held prior to 1987 with his 1957 win at Merced in an "experiemental" State Meet - Dale ran barefooted (legal in those days) and Hal Harkness reported he took the first and only state meet for a long while running barefooted over the golf course on a cold and foggy day in the Sac Joaquin Valley area!!