Orange Cross country News and Rankings
People like to read polls and rankings about individuals and teams.  It's fun when somebody gives recognition to your hard work, talent, and desire.  But, as everybody knows
, you still have to win the races to make it really count."

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CIF-STATE 2002 Cross Country Final Division Team Rankings

piled By Rich Gonzalez/Adam Hall
S    December 19, 2002

1. Jesuit, Carmichael (SJS)
2. Rubidoux, Riverside (SS)
3. Orange, Orange (SS)
4. San Ramon Valley, Danville (NCS)
5. St. John Bosco, Bellflower (SS)
6. Katella, Anaheim (SS)
7. La Sierra, Riverside (SS)
8. Burbank (SS)
9. Patrick Henry, San Diego (SD)
10. Cypress (SS)
11. Sonora, La Habra (SS)
12. Sultana, Hesperia (SS)
13. San Pasqual, Escondido (SD)
14. Valencia, Placentia (SS)
15. M.L. King, Riverside (SS)

16. Helix, La Mesa (SD)
17. Monte Vista (SD)
18. Pleasant Valley (NS)
19. Norwalk (SS)
20. Brea Olinda (SS)
21. Granite Bay (NCS)
22. Carlmont (NCS)
23. Escondido (SDS)
24. Hoover (SDS)
25. West Torrance (SS)
26. Scripps Ranch (SDS)
27. Woodcreek (SJS)
28. Rocklin (SJS)
29. Moorpark (SS)
30. Norte Vista (SS)

DyeStatCal State Team Rankings - Boys Teams - Rich Gonzalez - 11/26/02
Division II Boys:
1. Jesuit, Carmichael-Sacramento (CCS)
2. Rubidoux, Riverside (SS)
3. Orange, Orange (SS)
4. San Ramon Valley, Danville (NCS).
5. La Sierra, Riverside (SS)
6. Katella, Anaheim (SS)
7. St. John Bosco, Bellflower (SS)
8. Cypress, Cypress (SS)
9. Woodcreek, Roseville (SJS)
10. Burbank, Burbank (SS)

CIF State Rankings - Boys  Teams -  11/19/02

Rich Gonzalez and Statewide committee -

Division II Boys:
1. Jesuit, Carmichael-Sacramento (SJS)
2. Orange, Orange (SS)
3. Rubidoux, Riverside (SS)
4. San Ramon Valley (NCS)
5. Cypress, Cypress (SS)
6. St. John Bosco, Bellflower (SS)
7. Katella, Anaheim (SS)
8. Woodcreek, Roseville (SJS)
9. La Sierra, Riverside (SS)
10. Granite Bay, Granite Bay (SJS)

Final Southern Section Division Boys  Rankings 11/09/02  
by Rich Gonzalez  DyeStatCal Rankings

Division I Boys:
1. Long Beach Poly
2. Dana Hills
3. Loyola
4. Canyon
5. Murrieta Valley
6. Royal
7. Crescenta Valley
8. Don Lugo
9. Temecula Valley
10. Fountain Valley
Division II Boys:
1. Orange
2. Rubidoux
3. Cypress
4. Katella
5. St. John Bosco
6. La Sierra
7. Valencia-Pl.
8. M.L. King
9. Bosco Tech
10. Sultana

CIF-State Cross Country Rankings
Released on Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Compiled by Rich Gonzalez, with considerable thanks to input from Doug Speck, Adam Hall, George Green, Buzz Thom, Ray Hausler, Bruce Thomson, Guy Singer, Aggie Contreras, Ernie Lee, XCanalyzer and all coaches and/or meet directors who have been kind enough to send in results and comments. Please send feedback/suggestions to :

Next ranking will be released Nov. 19th!

Division I Boys:
1. Long Beach Poly, Long Beach (SS)
2. Loyola, Los Angeles (SS)
3. Dana Hills, Dana Point (SS)
4. Canyon, Canyon Country (SS)
5. Murrieta Valley, Murrieta (SS)
6. Don Lugo, Chino (SS)
7. Royal, Simi Valley (SS)
8. Grace Davis, Sacramento (SJS)
9. Crescenta Valley, La Crescenta (SS)
10. Rancho Buena Vista, Rancho BV (SDS)



Division II Boys:
1. Jesuit, Carmichael-Sacramento (CCS)
2. Rubidoux, Riverside (SS)
3. San Ramon Valley, Danville (NCS)
4. Katella, Anaheim (SS)
5. Orange, Orange (SS)
6. St. John Bosco, Bellflower (SS)
7. Woodcreek, Elk Grove (SJS)
8. Cypress, Cypress (SS)
9. La Sierra, Riverside (SS)
10. Sultana, Hesperia (SS)




Southern Section Cross-Country Polls 11/03/02

Boys Div I
1. Poly (LB)
2. Loyola
3. Dana Hills
4. Canyon (CC)
5. Murrieta Valley
6. Royal
7. Crescenta Valley
8. Don Lugo
9. Temecula Valley
10. Fountain Valley

Boys Div II
1. Rubidoux
2. Katella
3. Orange
4. St. John Bosco
5. Cypress
6. La Sierra
7. Sultana
8. Don Bosco Tech
9. Sonora
10. ML King



1. Orange (Last #1)

2. Katella (Last #3)

3. Rubidoux (Last #2)

4. Jesuit (Last #4)

5. La Sierra (Last #6)

6. Cypress (Not Ranked)

7. Sonora (Not Ranked)

8. St. John Bosco (Last #7)

9. Moorpark (Not Ranked)

10. Don Bosco Tech (Last #10)

Also keep an eye on: Edison (HB), Norwalk, Valencia, Martin Luther King, San Ramon Valley, Sultana, Woodcreek,

CIF Southern Section Cross-Country Rankings Mon 10/21/02
by Rich Gonzalez

Div II
1. Katella
2. Orange
3. Rubidoux
4. La Sierra
5. Cypress
6. St. John Bosco
7. ML King
8. Sonora
9. Bosco Tech
10. Edison

DyeStatCal Boys Coach of the Week - 10/13-17/02 - Don Burnette (Orange HS) (SS)

DyeStatCal California Boys Coach of the Week 10/13-10/17/02 - Don Burnette (Orange HS) - SS

Don Burnette - EC Slick photo

One program that has steadily risen in the last few years to the top of the State Rankings at their level is Orange HS. In a terribly competitive area it is tough to keep your head above water, with certain programs traditionally big winners. It is interesting to see a new program achieving success on the block, with the Orange group proving themselves again and again already this Fall. There are a ton of good squads statewide that will be competitive down the road this season, but we have a sense that Orange HS will be high on the victory platforms. Like so many great people that are a part of our sport Don Burnette, our DyeStatCal Boys Coach of the Week is very open with his program below, describing in some detail workouts and giving some of the information on the formula that has led to his team's success.

Congrats Don - Continued Best of Luck - Doug Speck - DyeStatCal

1. Briefly describe the successes of your program this season and in recent years.

The 2002 team returns all 7 runners from the ’01 team along with the addition of an impact runner who missed last season due to ineligibility which finished 3rd in CIF and 8th at State last fall. The Panthers started the season by winning the Laguna Hills Invitational and traveling to Hawaii for a second place finish at the Iolani Invitational. Currently, in the Golden West League all three boys’ teams (Varsity. JV, Frosh/Soph) are 5-0. Next on tap for the Orange Panthers is the Orange County Championships on Saturday October 19th.

Recent Years (1992 – 2001):
Top Ten Finishes - State Meet: 1995, 2001
Top Ten Finishes – CIF: 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001
Top Ten Finishes – Orange County: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001
League Champions (Century League) – 1993, 1994, 1995, 2001
Jamie Martinez – 1992 & 1993 Footlocker Finalist
Nick Russell – 1996 2nd Division II CIF

2. How has the season gone generally compared to what you hoped coming into this season?

The current season has gotten off to quite a good start for the Orange Panthers, although all the BIG meets are just around the corner. With the end of the season only 6 ½ weeks away we hope to continue to show signs of improvement each week.

3. What are the general reasons for the improved quality of your program in recent years?

Since 1993 we have developed a year around commitment to running and improving. Consistency is key to developing young talent.

4. How have you secured talented athletes with the pull of athletes to so many different sports at the high school level?

I have found that once athletes are exposed to running and the team concept of running, Cross Country often times will become the athlete’s favorite sport. We build a team atmosphere in which athletes can see both their team and themselves improve at rapid levels.

5. In such a competitive area as Orange County, how did you work on the mental abilities of your teams to compete with those who in the past traditionally may have beaten you?

I believe in the team concept. This starts with teaching accountability amongst the team members. The comradery of a team will lead to both better team work and team focus on team goals. I try to teach my teams to not only race smart but work out smart as well.

6. What are the general philosophies that surround your training program?

A) Quality over Quantity
B) Center training around the important meets on the schedule
C) Year around running – major improvement can come from off season training

7. How much running did your team do this summer?

Our top runners trained at 50 to 60 miles a week. I have found that many runners have a breaking point at the training level of 60 plus miles a week and when you go higher you risk injuries and burn out.

8. What will this week’s workouts be like?

Monday – warm-up 10 minutes, stretch and strides, mile-mile-800-800, cool down 10 minutes @ Irvine Park
Tuesday – 8 1/2 miles
Wednesday – Fartlek (7 miles)
Thursday – 6 miles
Friday – Pre-Meet (4 Miles & build ups)
Saturday – Orange County Championships

9. What advice would you have for rookie coaches to the sport of Cross Country at the high school level?

Be consistent and establish a commitment to year around training program as well as to team and individual goals. Encourage all runners at all levels to improve as different runners improve at different times of their careers. Build a team atmosphere with quality leadership from your varsity trainers. Lastly, MAKE IT FUN!
DyeStatCal News

Southern Section Overall Top 25's 10/01/02 - by Rich Gonzalez

Southern Section Overall Top 25 Rankings - Rich Gonzalez
1. LB Poly
2. Dana Hills
3. Orange
4. Loyola
5. Barstow
6. Canyon (CC)
7. Murrieta Valley
8. Rubidoux
9. Valencia
10. Royal
11. Katella
12. St. John Bosco (B)
13. Bosco Tech (Rosem)
14. Don Lugo
15. Crescenta Valley
16. Sultana
17. Temecula Valley’
18. Cypress
19. King (Riverside)
20. Fountain Valley
21. Fillmore
22. Oak Park
23. Indio
24. Esperanza
25. El Toro

Rankings  9/30/2002  -  Rich Gonzalez

Boys Div II
1. Orange
2. Rubidoux
3. Valencia
4. Katella
5. St. John Bosco
6. Bosco Tech
7. Sultana
8. Cypress
9. King (Riv)
10. Edison

Eugene's little helpers times if  O.C. Champs was last weekend
Thu Sep 26 03:49:33 2002

1. Fountain Valley 107
2. Orange 127
3. Cypress 128
4. Valencia 168
5. El Toro 171
6. Esperanza 176
7t Sonora 186
7t Santa Ana 186
7t Edison 186
10. Dana Hills 203
11. Katella 225
12. Huntington Beach 230
13. Mater Dei 234
14. Santa Margarita 249
15. Marina 266


Orange Country Register - September 24, 2002 
Orange County XC Rankings by E. Fields
1. Dana Hills

2. Katella

3. Orange

4. Valencia

5. Fountain Valley

6. Cypress

7. Santa Margarita

8. Esperanza

9. El Toro

10. Estancia

Rankings from for week of September 22, 2002

Boys Div II - Southern Section by Rich Gonzalez
1. Orange
2. Valencia (P)
3. Rubidoux
4. Katella
5. St. John Bosco
6. Sultana
7. Cypress
8. ML King
9. Sonora
10. Edison

September 22, 2002  -  Rankings by  "Eugene's Little Helper"

1. ORANGE: These guys have four under 16 and a nice front runner in Guerra

2. FOUNTAIN VALLY: The Barons of the sport seem to cash in even on the girls side too with having over a 100 turn out for the teams. I counted 13 guys under 17 and stopped counting. FV has 3 under 16 and two right at 16:00. One of the runners right at 16:00 is last year's #2, Selley. He is an average long jumper and a bench warmer on the JV baseball team. If he can concentrate on running, this team would be awesome!

3. Cypress: Napper is a lock for the number one guy in OC and will go on to state! Their 5th needs to make some improvements and the team will be much tougher.

4. Dana Hills: Respect Reputation and you know Coach Butler is focusing on late November. This team will eat Turkey and then drive to Fresno.

5. Esperanza: Mike Chavez has been running very respectable times. New up and comer Junior Stephen Murvin could make this team a competitor at a higher level. As of right now, best one-two punch in OC!

6. El Toro: Just when you thought this team would have been hit by graduation, they are right back with a full squad. They have 8 under 17 and Cipolla is nice up front. Thomas and Briggs carry the burden of bringing down the teams' time, unless they can get more out of numbers 2 and 3!

7. Sonora! Surprise team of Orange County! They've got just 5! But it's a good group. Two under 16 and their 4 and 5 in the 16:30's. If they can get 15 seconds ea. from their 4 and 5's, which is very reasonable... BOTTOM LINE, These guys belong in the Top Ten!

8. Edison: With one of the state's fastest 9th graders in the two mile returning to this squad as a 10th grader, anything is possible for Gatel. Gatel is part of a steady pack of three just under 16 and then Sophomore Cone. This team is dangerous and will be tougher with a breakthrough with Gatel.

9. Santa Ana: Not VALLEY! 8 GUYS UNDER 17 and a kid by the name of GARCIA leads this always tough team! 4 guys in the 16:20's and two in the 16:30's

10. Mater Dei: Let's give it up to the private school! Who says a good education can't pay? Well... Let it be known these guys don't recruit for cross country anyway. They may be SWIFT but they still need a 5th! Wittingly they have lots of potential to improve with 3,4, and 5's!

Rankings - State's Teams - - XC Analyzer - 9/18/02 - Updated
Orange ranked first in State Div.2

September 17 2002


Orange, led by seniors Francisco Guerra, Robert Nieblas and Daniel Ramirez, vaults from seventh in the preseason poll to first this week after winning the Laguna Hills Invitational on Saturday ahead of Dana Hills and Long Beach Poly. Royal goes from unranked to sixth after finishing second to Canyon Country Canyon in the Seaside Invitational on Friday.

Rank School (Section-Division)...Last week

1. Orange (SS-Division II)...7

2. Dana Hills (SS-Division I)...1

3. Long Beach Poly (SS-Division I)...2

Rankings from the CIF web site dated September 19 2002

Division School Rnk * LW  Record  Last Game Next Game
Division I POLY (LONG BEACH) 01          
Division I DANA HILLS 02          


Division I LOYOLA 04          
Division I FOUNTAIN VALLEY 05          
Division I TEMECULA VALLEY 06          
Division I ROYAL 07          
Division I CRESCENTA VALLEY 08          
Division I ESPERANZA 09          
Division I EL TORO 10          
Division I None NR          
Division I None NR          
Division I None NR          
Division I None NR          
Division II RUBIDOUX 01          
Division II VALENCIA (PLACENTIA) 02          
Division II ORANGE 03          
Division II KATELLA 04          
Division II ST. JOHN BOSCO 05          
Division II SULTANA 06          
Division II ST. JOHN BOSCO 07          
Division II KING, MARTIN LUTHER 08          
Division II EDISON 09          
Division II LA SIERRA 10          
Division II None NR          
Division II None NR          
Division II None NR          
Division II None NR          
Division III BARSTOW 01          
Division III SANTA MARGARITA 02          
Division III ESTANCIA 03          
Division III SAN LUIS OBISPO 04          
Division III DIAMOND RANCH 05          
Division III PACIFICA (GARDEN GROVE) 06          
Division III CORONA DEL MAR 07          
Division III NORDHOFF 08          
Division III HARVARD WESTLAKE 09          
Division III BURROUGHS (RIDGECREST) 10          
Division III None NR          
Division III None NR          
Division III None NR          
Division III None NR          
Division IV OAK PARK 01          
Division IV FILLMORE 02          
Division IV MARANATHA 03          
Division IV BRENTWOOD 04          
Division IV MORRO BAY 05          
Division IV LAGUNA BEACH 06          
Division IV SALESIAN 07          
Division IV ST. JOSEPH (SANTA MARIA) 08          
Division IV BIG BEAR 09          
Division IV VALLEY CHRISTIAN (CERRITOS) 10          
Division IV None NR          
Division IV None NR          
Division IV None NR          
Division IV None NR          
Division V WOODCREST CHRISTIAN 01          
Division V FLINTRIDGE PREPARATORY 02          
Division V APPLE VALLEY CHRISTIAN 03          
Division V CHADWICK 04          
Division V SANTA CLARA 05          
Division V BOYS' REPUBLIC 06          
Division V THACHER 07          
Division V ST. MARGARET'S 08          
Division V WEBB 09          
Division V OAKWOOD 10          
Division V None NR          
Division V None NR          
Division V None NR          
Division V None NR          


1. Rubidoux (Last #1)

2. Orange (Last #3)

Francisco Guerra, previously from Foothill, should definitely provide some firepower for this group who had four guys under 16 minutes for the 2.9 mile Villa Park course. With Guerra and Lara up front providing the 1-2, this team will definitely make a run at the title.

3. Valencia (Last #4)

4. Katella (Last #6)

5. La Sierra (Last #5)

6. Jesuit (Last #2)

Hitting a few stumbling blocks at the Granite Bay Invitational, they regained some momentum at the Rocklin Invitational. However the loss of Withol will pose some serious depth issues for this group. With many groups with a couple strong groups on their tails. (GB – 16:25, 16:36); (Rocklin – 16:14, 16:26, 16:57, 17:06, 17:40, 17:54, 18:20)

7. Norwalk (Last #7)

8. St. John Bosco (Last #8)

9. San Ramon Valley (Last #9)

10. Martin Luther King (Last #10)

Also keep an eye on: Del Campo, Woodcreek


VERY PRELIMINARY STATE TOP TEN DIVISION II (2002) (Again, Sections have control to a point of where teams sit, some of these squads may have moved up from a lower enrollment division to this level last year) - (From Caltrack Web)



1. Valencia (Placentia) (SS) bullet

2. Rubidoux (Riverside) (SS) bullet

3. La Sierra (Riverside) (SS) bullet

4. Katella (Anaheim) (SS) bullet

5. Orange (SS) bullet

6. M.L. King (Riverside) (SS) bullet

7. San Ramon Valley (Danville) (NCS) bullet

8. Del Campo (Fair Oaks) (SJ) bullet

9. Norwalk (SS) bullet

10. Santa Margarita (Rancho SM) (SS)

Bubble Teams: (Alphabetically)

Burbank (SS) - Carlmont (Belmont) (CCS) - De La Salle (Concord) (NCS) - Don Bosco Tech (Rosemead) (SS) - Foothill (Santa Ana) (SS) - Helix (La Mesa) (SD) - Newport Harbor (Newp Bch) (SS) - Sultana (Hesperia) (SS) - Woodbridge (Irvine) (SS) - Woodcreek (Roseville) (SJ) -

New  September 4, 2002

Southern Section Division II
Boys  - by Rich Gonzalez  at
Boys Division II

1. Rubidoux (Riverside)

2. Valencia (Placentia)

3. Orange

4. Katella (Anaheim)

5. St. John Bosco (Bellflower)

6. Sultana (Hesperia)

7. Bosco Tech (Rosemead)

8. King (Riverside)

9. Edison (Huntington Beach)

10. La Sierra (Riverside)

New September 5, 2002

Rankings - Southern Section by XC Analyzer - Cross-Country's Mystery man adds his Southern Section thoughts to the mix!!!

1. Rubidoux

2. Orange

3. Valencia (Pl)

4. La Sierra

5. Katella

6. Norwalk

7. St. John Bosco

8. Martin Luther King

9. Edison (HB)

10. Sultana

A preseason look at the top 10 boys' cross-country teams in the Southland:

1. Dana Hills (SS-Division I)
Dolphins are ranked fourth in Harrier magazine's national preseason poll and favored to win their first state title since 1988 after placing third in the state meet last year with a team that included only two seniors.

2. Long Beach Poly (SS-Division I)
Jackrabbits should battle for fourth state title in six years as they return six of top seven runners from team that finished fourth last season.

3. Rubidoux (SS-Division II)
Falcons return four of top seven runners from last year's section and state champions and have talented transfer in Adam Heredia.

4. Barstow (SS-Division III)
Adam Rodriguez is expected to lead Aztecs to their second consecutive section and state titles.

5. Canyon Country Canyon (SS-Division I)
The Cowboy duo of Luke Llamas and Jameson Mora graduated in June, but Ryan Morgan gives defending state champions another elite runner.

6. Placentia Valencia (SS-Division II)
Juan Robles will lead Tiger team that placed a surprising second in state championships after finishing fifth in section finals.

7. Orange (SS-Division II)
Panthers return six of seven runners from team that finished third in section and eighth in state championships.

8. Temecula Valley (SS-Division I)
Golden Bears could reach state championships for first time since 1997 if they can avoid the injuries that hampered them last year.

9. Loyola (SS-Division I)
Cubs return top three runners from team that placed seventh in section championships.

10. Murrieta Valley (SS-Division I)
Kellen Acosta will try to lead Nighthawks to their third state-championship appearance in four years.

High School Division ll Enrollment by

Cross Country 2002
CIF Southern Section
Division ll 1350 to 1749

CIF Southern Section Foothill  1629 Paso Robles    1483
2002 Cross Country Fullerton 1387 Perris    1631
Division II  Gahr 1374 Ramona    1434
(1350-1749) Garden Grove   1407 Rancho Verde   1524
Agoura    1511 Garey     1584 Redondo Union  1509
Anaheim   1689 Hemet     1650 Rio Mesa  1709
Antelope Valley     1719 Hesperia  1400 Rubidoux  1702
Baldwin Park   1627 Huntington Beach    1631 San Bernardino 1591
Bellflower     1417 Inglewood 1547 San Gorgonio   1726
Beverly Hills  1571 Katella   1641 San Marcos     1467
Bloomington    1549 Kennedy   1520 Santa Barbara  1647
Brea Olinda    1400 King 1440 Santa Fe  1671
Buena     1555 La Habra  1451 Santiago (G.G.)     1512
Buena Park     1357 La Mirada 1567 Savanna   1512
Burbank   1630 La Quinta (L.Q.)    1535 Serrano   1462
Burroughs (Bur.)    1494 La Serna  1457 Sierra Vista   1411
Cabrillo (Long Beach)    1478 La Sierra 1706 Sonora    1435
Cajon     1739 Laguna Hills   1408 South Torrance 1391
Canyon (Anaheim)    1532 Loara     1524 St. John Bosco (B)  1580
Cathedral City 1655 Los Amigos     1506 Sultana   1668
Centennial (Corona) 1575 Mark Keppel    1575 Sunny Hills    1720
Cerritos  1675 Mater Dei 1495 Torrance  1435
Chaparral 1611 Mayfair   1369 Troy 1574
Charter Oak    1386 Mira Costa     1708 Tustin    1524
Claremont 1657 Moorpark  1605 University     1664
Compton   1352 Newport Harbor 1654 Valencia (P.)  1496
Cypress   1491 Norco     1585 Ventura   1500
Damien (B)     1658 Norte Vista    1639 Villa Park     1565
Dominguez 1372 North, J.W.    1582 West Torrance  1405
Don Bosco Tech (B)  1516 North Torrance 1556 West Valley    1673
Dos Pueblos    1574 Norwalk   1516 Westlake  1543
Edison    1726 Orange    1447 Whittier  1397
El Dorado 1559 Pacific   1483 Wilson (H.H.)  1416
El Modena 1447 Paloma Valley  1463 Woodbridge     1548
Elsinore  1505 Pasadena  1581

Golden State Top Dozen

  The following is an attempt off of last year’s results in Cross-Country and Track and Field to place the top dozen overall teams and individuals for boys and girls in California State High School Cross-Country. With divisional placements up to the different sections with the flexibility allowed them by the State CIF, exact placement of teams in their racing levels for the fall season will not come until mid or late September. It is thought that it might be fun for discussion to place the top dozen teams and individuals Boys and Girls up beforehand.


Boys Teams: (Orange is down there somewhere)

1. Dana Hills (Dana Point - Southern Section) - Return a solid five from the rain of Fresno at State last year who brought home a third place plaque Division I from that competition, with hopes for a higher placing this Fall. Coach Tim Butler has coached some of the State’s top groups during his tenure, and if the troops believe he can lead.

2. Poly (Long Beach SS) - Super recent tradition, with a fourth place finish last year at State Division I. Six scorers from that group return, with Coach George Wright able always to blend a group with track skills from 800 to 3200 meters together in what will be another Jackrabbit powerhouse.

3. Barstow (SS) - Division III Champs last year with a dominating performance, the Aztecs under Coach Jim Duarte should be able to pick and choose their solid efforts this year, with five of the top seven back from the championship team to romp in from the high desert once again and seek another first place plaque for the trophy case.

4. Canyon (Canyon Country SS) - Another with great recent tradition, they were the 2001 State Champs in Fresno last November. Five are back from that group, with the Cowboys backing down from no one in search of a higher place than this ranking this fall.

5. Jesuit (Sacramento Sac Joaquin) - Certainly one of the state and nation’s most successful cross-country powers at the top end over the last decade and a half has been Coach Walt Lange’s Sac Joaquin crew, with the sixth place group from last Fall Division I having five back from a group that developed perfectly during the Fall season.

6. Rubidoux (Riverside SS) - Division II Champs last Fall in a dominating performance, Rubidoux and Coach Sam Gee have four of that top seven back with the ability each year to develop runners to move into the scoring group from a solid back-up crew.

7. Loyola (Los Angeles SS) - Leading group back out of the huge Southern Section (nearly 600 schools) who did not qualify for the Fresno competition last Fall. Loyola has the ability to challenge for one of the State Meet Division I top three plaques with a flawless fall.

8. Vista (San Diego) - "Leap of faith" crew, with an very, very solid group of runners from the spring track season, who, if they develop, will be another super team from the San Diego area.

9. Valencia (Placentia SS) - Second place last year Division II, with Juan Robles leading four of the top seven from that squad back for Coach Pat Hadley.

10. Orange (SS) - Not their best race of the year at State last Fall, but return a very solid five that have proven themselves in Section action last year.

11. La Sierra (Riverside SS) - Solid five scorers back for another solid group that just missed out on the State meet experience last year from their huge section.

12. Temecula Valley (SS) - Another strong squad out of the Southern Section’s Division I level.